What indicators can be used to measure the stability of a server software system?

  • The software can work for long time with 7x24 hours stability. This require software has no crashes and memory/GDI leaks.
  • Good scalability. The system can scale dynamically with the number of concurrent clients.。
  •  The system is defensive enough, and can handle all kinds of malicious sniffing and attacks.

CamelProxy fully considered the above indicators, and made a comprehensive and rigorous test to ensure the stability of the system.

Test Results

The following screenshot shows the CamelProxy console page after runs continuously for 10 days and forwards network traffic 26.15G bytes;

At this time, let’s take a look at the resource usage of CamelProxy related service processes.

From the above screenshot, we can see the cpu/memory/handle/thread are very stable. The resource consumption is very low.