1.Deploy the CamelProxy proxy server.

Please refer toThe steps of deploying CamelProxy proxy server

2.Install CamelAgent client plugin.

CamelAgent is installed on the proxy user terminal computer to encrypt the data communication between the terminal computer and the CamelProxy, which can enhance data security and avoid interception and filtering during the data transmission process.

CamelAgent supports all major Windows operating systems, with no minimum requirements for computer configuration.

3.Download and Installation

Please download the installation package from the CamelProxy download center

After the download is successful, double-click to execute the installer.

4.CamelAgent configuration

Double-click the desktop CamelAgent shortcut icon,Configure the CamelProxy address and port number

Enter the CamelProxy console and open the "Allow CamelAgent" switch。Notice: Only paid members can enjoy this feature, free users cannot use.

5.Brower setting

Various browser proxy server settings, please refer to

6.Notice items

After using CamelAgent, the proxy server address in the browser configuration must be set to

Both CamelProxy and CamelAgent listen on port 8089 by default, so they cannot be deployed on one computer at the same time unless the default port is changed to two ports that do not conflict.