How to measure the friendliness of software systems?

The essence of software is creating values for users, liberating human labor and making people having more time to enjoy life. This is a fundamental point for us to always insist on.

The friendliness of CamelProxy is reflected in the following aspects

  • One key installation
  • CamelProxy installation is very simple, double click the installation program after download, “Next” by “Next” until installation is completed.

  • CamelProxy service starts automatically and recovers automatically
  • All CamelProxy processes are registered as Winndows system services. CamelProxy starts automatically with the operating system. When the server is restarted, you do not need to manually log in to the server to start the Camel Proxy manually.

  • Easy automatic upgrade
  • Every time CamelProxy has a new version released, the existing CamelProxy system will automatically remind the administrator whether to upgrade.