What is web porxy server

The proxy server may also be referred to as a "network transit server". The proxy server represents the terminal to access the target resource. The proxy server can hide the source of the request to the target resource, and can also change the default routing link.

Composition of CamelProxy Proxy Server Solution

  • CamelProxy Software(Must). Currently release Windows version and supply 32 bits and 64 bits installation package. CamelProxy is used to build proxy server and support http,https,sock5 proxy protocols.
  • CamelAgent client proxy plugin(Not must)。Currently release Windows version and supply 32 bits and 64 bits installation package. The CamelAgent is used to build an encrypted channel between the user's computer and CamelProxy, which can be deployed based on whether encrypted communication is required. If you want to ovecome GFW(Greate Firewall) to acess google, facebook, youtube via CamelProxy in China, the CamelAgent is must.

Common Network Deployment Diagram for CamelProxy Proxy Server Solutions

Internet access control, improve the security of the Internet

CamelProxy access control network architecture diagram

Change network routing, improve the speed of the Internet

CamelProxy Changes Network Routing Network Architecture Diagram

Encrypted communication, data confidentiality, avoiding interception

CamelProxy encrypted communication network architecture diagram

The main purpose of the CamelProxy proxy server solution

Internet access control

Many companies do not allow all employees to freely access external networks because of information security concerns. Only some authorized users can access the Internet. In this scenario, the proxy server can be used as a forwarding node. All data streams to Internet must be forwarded by CamelProxy. The CamelProxy internal accounts are used to manage the user Internet accessing privileges.

Improve network access speed

The global network topology is very complex. There are many bottlenecks among different network operators; it can decrease the network speed obviously. In this case we can use web proxy server to change the default link route, bypass the bottleneck nodes.

Improve network access security

There are many web proxy service providors now, the only thing that you need do is buy a proxy server account, then you can enjoy the proxy service. Why do you have to build a proxy server for yourself? I think that apart from the stability and reliability of the system, the most important thing is information security. Proxy server can sniffer all your network transmission data. This is a great information security risk for enterprises and organizations, So be sure to use your own dedicated proxy server.

Network Security Firewall

The HTTP or the SOCK5 proxy works on the application layer of the TCP/IP model. Therefore, for the peer end, the proxy server hides the source IP of the visitor, and the destination can only see the IP address of the proxy server. , and can not see the visitor's real IP, so the terminal can avoid the outside attack from peer end.