1.Select the server environment

If the Camel Proxy Proxy Server is deployed in the intranet, The minimum requirement is a Windows 7, 32/64 bit operating system computer.

If the CamelProxy Proxy Server is deployed in an extranet, for example Amazon cloud, alicloud, qcloud, We recommend the operating system Windows Server 2008 R2 above, 32/64 bit version, the cloud host minimum configuration is: 1 core CPU, 2G memory, 2M bandwidth.

2.Download and Installation

Please download the installation package from the CamelProxy download center

If the deployment server is a 64-bit operating system, please download the 64-bit version first. The 32-bit operating system must download the 32-bit version.
After the download is successful, double-click to execute the installer.

3.Firewall/Security Group Configuration

The default "8089" is used as the proxy forwarding port.

So you need to add 8089 to the firewall allowing policy.

4.CamelProxy System Configuration

Double-click the desktop CamelPorxy console shortcut icon

Then create a proxy user account, by default, anonymous access is not allowed. Therefore, you need to create a proxy user account first.

5.Browser Setting

Various browser proxy server settings, please refer tohttp://en.camelproxy.com/documentation/browsers